AtticMen 196: Atticmen Uncut

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    Categories: Muscle, Jerk-off, Interesting, DVD, Megasites, American, Anal
    Added: 2010-01-20
    Duration: 1:36
    Views: 143
    Tags: atticmen, 196:, uncut, rare, privilege, director, directs, video, actors, direction, needed, one, first, drake, retirement, jumped, zack, hitting, seat, lucky, contact, hard, masculine, sex, handle, picked, flogger, strap, zacks, ass, form, yelling, harder, ve, guys, seemed, muscles, drakes
    Its a rare privilege when a director , directs a video where the actors are so much into each other there is now direction needed ... and this video was one for me. When I first met Drake I almost came out of retirement a jumped in to do a video with him , but when I saw Drake and zack hitting it off so well I knew I better take a back seat to this one (lucky Zack). The body contact and the good hard masculine sex was almost more than I could handle. When Drake picked up the flogger to strap Zacks ass it was all I could do to keep form yelling HARDER. I've never seen to guys eat so much ass ,and they never seemed to get enough. I could see the muscles in Drakes hard chest and cock tense up when Zack would push his tongue deep into his ass. Then when Drake finally gave up his load to Zack you could tell he was giving his load to a guy he actually liked and was having a blast with and blasted his load deep into Zacks throat. Watching them share the leftover of the load with each other was my climax as well as there's.

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