Blazed jacks off

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    Categories: Anal, Jerk-off, Foot Fetish, Bisexual, Monster Cock, High Quality, Solo, Masturbation
    Added: 2012-04-16
    Duration: 1:00
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    Tags: 18andupstuds, com, bisexual, blazed
    Blazed is 20 years old and comes to us by way of Michigan. He is bi and when fucking guys likes to do it doggy style. I asked him what his favorite part of his own body was and he said his stomach. Interested to seeing what his stomach looked like, I asked him to take off his shirt, which he did to reveal a nice and trim upper body with a little happy trail and a patch of hair on his chest. He stripped off his boxers to reveal his soft cock. Blazed started playing with his cock and it did not take long until he grew to a nice six inches. Either this stud hasnít gotten off for a while or he is a big cummer because when the time came he shot cum all over his leg, up to his chest and even had some hit the bed a foot or so from him.

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