Greek Games 2000 B.C.

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    Categories: Wrestling, Various Fetishes, Sport, Erotic, Old and Young, Muscle, Jerk-off, Interesting, Twinks, Fetish, DVD
    Added: 2010-03-08
    Duration: 2:50
    Views: 83
    Tags: gay, fetish, muscles, wrestling, feature, model
    With the bodies of Greek gods, nine amazing athletes compete in six contests that honor the centuries-old tradition of nude combat in this softcore video. Using only the power of their naked bodies, these chiseled young men hurl javelins and discus, challenge the low bar and stalk and snare their naked prey with hooks and nets like gladiators. Their pumped-up bodies struggle and strain against each other in the full body contact of eight intense wrestling matches. And between events, these statuesque sportsmen individually show off their perfectly formed nude bodies in detailed close-ups. Let the games begin!

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