Justin Side

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    Categories: Public, Jerk-off, Interesting, Solo, Black, Interracial, High Quality, Anal
    Added: 2010-08-28
    Duration: 1:48
    Views: 16
    Tags: justin, wanna, funny, porno, name, lol, story, called, parole, officer, blacks, boys, stalworth, chris, dano, questioning, somebody, jacking, public, poor, denies, pictures, prove, otherwise, tells, lieing, dealt, administrator, turns, hung, stud, solomon, further, questions, comes, clean
    Wanna hear a funny porno name? Justin Side. LOL. Wanna hear a funny story? Justin is called in by his parole officer - none other than Blacks On Boys stalworth Chris Dano - for questioning about somebody jacking off in public. Poor Justin denies all, but Dano has some pictures that prove otherwise. Dano tells him that he's lieing and he will be dealt with by The Administrator. Turns out to be Hung Stud Solomon! After further questions, Justin comes clean and admits it was him. Of course there's the asking of forgivness, and some pleads. Turns out Justin's been a bad boi in the past, and his past is about to catch up with him! He actually tells the hung studs that he'll do "anything" not to go back to jail. ANYTHING. You know the path that words takes white boi Justin...a path Dano and Solomon have been down with bois like Justin before. Watch, in almost disbelief, as Justin gets pounded by a lot of black meat. The amount of semen those black balls generate is amazing, and Justin, in the end, takes it all. Justin Side proves he can stay out of the click by turning himself into a cum dumpster! Nice work, Boi!!!

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