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    Categories: Jerk-off, Interesting, Solo, Black, Interracial, High Quality, Anal
    Added: 2010-09-19
    Duration: 1:51
    Views: 28
    Tags: wade, poor, played, made, bet, lost, gotten, yourself, situation, probably, lucky, quite, *this*, one, game, pool, fucked, literally, bitch, hard, tim, called, old, buddy, solomon, knocking, balls, knock, decided, time, little, gets, right, studs, waste, getting, business, laid, fileted, hung
    Poor Wade. Wade got played. He made a bet and lost. Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation like this? Well, you probably never were lucky enough to get into a situation quite like *this* one. Since Wade lost in a game of pool, he got fucked. Literally. Poor bottom bitch Wade got fucked hard. Tim called up his old buddy, Solomon, after knocking the balls around with his long hard stick. When there were no more balls to knock around, he decided it was time to knock Wade's balls around a little. Solomon gets to Tim's right away and these two studs waste no time getting down to business. Wade gets played, laid, and fileted by these two hung tops. Wade starts off taking Tim's Grande Mocha Member in his mouth, but Solomon can't wait to have some of that action himself; soon they move on to the real action. Before you know it, there's a full-fledged three-way fuckfest going down This scene is definitely not one to be missed. Chalk up another win for BlacksOnBoys.com!

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